This tool is designed to help you create the documents needed to file for divorce in Alabama.
A great deal of information will be required, but don’t worry –
if you need to save your progress and return to the tool later, that is ok!

All divorces are different, and some of your needs may be beyond what this tool is designed to do.

If you and your spouse have NOT lived in Alabama for at least the past 6 months, this tool is NOT for you.

Types of Divorce:

**We recommend that you consult an attorney.** 

Assistance for those with financial hardship may be available. 

Click here for a list of possible legal resources.

This tool will create the bare minimum documents you need to file a divorce action. You will have to go to court, and may need additional legal assistance after filing.

*Consulting an attorney before using this tool is STRONGLY ADVISED.*

This means you and your spouse agree on all property division issues, potential financial issues, and custody/visitation/child support.

*Any time children are involved in a divorce action, consulting an attorney before filing with the court is STRONGLY ADVISED.*

This means you and your spouse have divided all personal property (“stuff”), any real property (land or a house), and any financial assets or liabilities.

Any documentation reflecting ownership or financial obligation should be in the proper person’s name BEFORE using this tool to create your divorce paperwork.

We estimate it will take 45 minutes to complete, if you have all the necessary information.

If you are unable to finish the questionnaire in that time, you may click “Save Link to Complete Later” located at the bottom of every page interview page. You can then complete the questionnaire at a later time via a link sent to your email address.

*Do not use the browser back arrow or your questionnaire will begin again from the beginning and the information you provided will be lost.*